About the 2003 Dare to Care Honorees

Abigail E. Disney came to New York City from the West Coast 15 years ago and took New York City by storm. Like a tornado, she threw herself into grassroots social justice projects in order to strengthen them and help them gain recognition. Abby weds a straight-talking style with a sense of humor that’s dry and unexpected, and brings together people from a myriad of worlds, often in her own home. An advocate for the Association to Benefit Children and Mercy Center, and currently the President of the New York Women’s Foundation, Abby has helped to bring visibility to some of the most important and under-funded groups in New York City.

Reverend Annie M. Bovian is a tireless and tenancies leader who had led Women’s Advocate Ministry for the past 10 years. Her ministry works with one of the most forgotten populations in our city: incarcerated mothers. Annie brings heart, love, and an unrelenting dedication to this work. An advocate of better reform for drug laws which scapegoat the female population, and for laws to protect the rights of pregnant incarcerated women, Annie has won the attention and respect of many groups including Amnesty International for her strategic advocacy which led to the removal of shackles on women held in custody while in labor and giving birth.