About the 2004 Dare to Care Honorees

Kimberly Kreiling grew up in New York City and attended the Convent School of the Sacred Heart. She interned with WAM in the summer of 1997 after graduating from Davidsdon College in North Carolina with a B.A. Her job at WAM was to write a newsletter about the women WAM serves. Kimberly says that the experience of visiting women in prison and jail with Rev. Bovian cultivated in her a commitment to serving people on the margins of society.

Leah Hunt-Hendrix attended the Convent School of the Sacred Heart and graduated from Riverdale Country School. After working with WAM, she worked with Project People Foundation, an organization that works with women’s economic development in South Africa. Her experience through WAM, at the Rose M. Singer Facility for women at Rikers Island Jail, lead her to pursue her interest in the criminal justice system during her freshman year at Duke University, during which she did a photography document on death row. At Duke she is majoring in political science with a concentration in political theory. Her hopes are to pursue a PhD in theology focusing on the political and social aspects of the Christian life.

Zoe Tananbaum Born: October 2, 1979. Educated: Trinity School in N.Y.C. Graduated Harvard College ’02 with honors. Summer internships at NTL, London. WABC News, New York. Internship at the New York District Attorney’s Office for one year 2002–03. Presently employed at Perry Capital in New York City JoBeth Tananbaum

JoBeth Tananbaum Born: November 18, 1984. Graduated Riverdale Country School 2003. Finished Freshman Year at Columbia University Interned at: Innocence Project at the Benjamin Cardoza Law School Currently interning at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. Hobbies: Knols Outdoor Expeditions.