Anthology of Souls

Click to enlargeEdited by Carolyn Jones
Foreword by The Reverend Chawanda Charae
Illustrated by Archbishop G. R. Apollo

Published by The Miracle Society Book Production
and Consulting Company
Box 100955, Brooklyn, NY 11210-2332
List Price $22.50 (Bulk orders available)

Anthology of Souls provides evidence of redemption when one responds to the Will of Heaven with complete faith and submissiveness. This poignant and riveting collection of life stories is a testimony to the hardships that well-meaning people experience in their familial and intimate relationships. So often, hateful memories force people to live their lives in secret where there is no hope for healing.

Carolyn Jones, a media educator, co-authored Anthology of Souls with eight of her students: Cathy Clarke, Josie Lynch, Karen McDaniel, Raymond Stewart, Joy Woods, Tanya Francis, Maria Davis and Tanya Collins. Together they have committed themselves to the task of encouraging those who may be feeling despondent to keep pushing forward.

Part of the proceeds from the sale of Anthology of Souls will be donated to Women’s Advocate Ministry to help clothe babies born to incarcerated women.

Faith and Feminism, A Holy Alliance:
Five Spirited and Spiritual Women Throughout History

By Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D.
List Price $13.00

Click to enlarge Why do so many women of faith have such a strong aversion to feminism? And why do so many feminists have an ardent mistrust of religion? These questions are at the heart of Helen LaKelly Hunt’s illuminating look at the alliance between spiritual conviction and social action. Intelligent and heartfelt, Faith and Feminism offers a perceptive look at the lives of five spirited and spiritual women throughout history, women who combined their undying faith with feminist beliefs and who made the world a better place by doing so.

The book focuses on the lives of five spirited women: Lucretia Mott, Teresa of Avila, Sojourner Truth, Emily Dickinson, and Dorothy Day and how they united their faith with their feminism. Contemporary readers will gain insight about ways in which life’s painful challenges are often the doorway into lives of deep meaning and strength. For these five women, their religious faith mandated women’s equality, and their striving for women’s rights was fueled by a powerful faith that kept their spirits ignited.

Hunt began the process that would result in this book at the U.N. Conference for Women in Beijing. There she interviewed a range of feminists activists, all of whom reported the wide gulf that exists between the secular feminists and activists of faith. They said it was time for this gulf to be bridged. People of faith felt religious integrity and potency compromised by patriarchal ideology, and many feminist activists had after years of committed activism found themselves spiritually bereft. This book lifts up the potential synergy between faith and feminism to unleash new power for both impulses.